10 Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

If you’re looking to start binge watching some TV shows, now is the perfect time. There are loads of brilliant shows available for you to watch on TV and across a range of different platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime. For platforms such as Netflix you are required to pay a membership fee but it’s definitely worth it when there are so many brilliant shows and original shows available to watch.

No matter what genre you are interested in, you will find the perfect show to indulge in. Maybe you’ve been hearing your friends rave about a new show and you feel left out the loop or you have some extra time available and you want to watch a good show. 2019 brings you the final series of many popular shows such as Game of Thone’s and The Big Bang Theory, as well as brand new shows and new seasons of household favorites. If you looking to catch up on some shows before the new season's releases or just fancy something completely new, the list below has some of the hottest, newest and most popular shows of 2019 for you to watch. Clear your diary because you’ll soon be glued to the screen, here are the top 10 shows to binge watch right now:

Game of Thrones (HBO)

If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, you might be living in a cave or with your head in the sand. This epic 8 serious show is based on the books by George R. R. Martin is hard to sum up in one go. There are 8 main characters and hundreds of other characters who all play crucial roles within the films. Avoid looking online until you have finished watching as there are some major spoilers floating around the web.

The story follows several noble houses during a huge war about who should be king or Queen over the kingdoms. A beautiful exiled princess Daenerys tries to find her place in the kingdoms with the help of her trusted dragons while the kingdom is threatened by the rise of the supernatural Night King from beyond the great wall. Who will survive? Who will rule the kingdoms? So many unanswered questions to figure out. The new season is due early 2019 so you still have plenty of time to catch up and binge watch the first 7 series of Game of Thrones.

The Crown

The Crown is based on Britain’s current and longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth 2nd. She ascended to the throne of England shortly after World War 2, it was a difficult time to be in power due to the war and the ceded monarchy. The episodes follow The Queen’s life, from gaining power, marriage, building alliances and political issues. The Crown gives you an unseen view into the personal life of Queen Elizabeth and her duties as queen. It's currently on season 3, if you enjoy Machiavellian and period dramas then this series will not disappoint.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

This popular British crime drama is set in the aftermath of World War 1, the story revolves around Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his British crime family, the Shelby’s. Tommy returns home from the war and sets his sights to turning his family into the top gang in Birmingham. He comes up with the perfect plan of stealing a shipment of guns to give his family the edge and the power they need to survive in a world of crime.

The show follows the family through different events in their lives as they gain more and more control, even making an unexpected transition from gangster to politician and face many different challenges and issues along the way. This beautifully filmed series will keep you glued to your screen to the very end and good news! The latest series is expected to air summer 2019, so don’t waste any more time and start binge-watching now!

Stranger Things (Netflix)

A supernatural mystery horror television series that has taken Netflix by storm. Set in the 1980s, the story follows the disappearance of a young boy Will Byers and the strange and scary events that follow within the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. A girl with psychokinetic powers helps the children search for there missing friend. With monsters, laboratory experiments and terrifying supernatural forces there is always something new and exciting happening throughout the series. Currently, with two seasons on Netflix to watch and season three due June 2019, you will have plenty of episodes to sit and watch before the new episodes are released.

The Act (Hulu)

You might have already heard of the true story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blancharde, if not you will want to catch up. Dee Dee Blancharde is the mum of Gypsy Rose, a young girl who is seriously sick or, so she is believed to think. To the outside world, Dee Dee was a strong and caring mother who loves her daughter and did everything she could for her cancer-stricken daughter. Gypsy Rose suffered from cancer, muscular dystrophy and a whole other range of diseases, or at least she thought she did. Gypsy Rose was, in fact, fine, her mother lied to her, her whole life and made her think she was sick and suddenly Dee Dee turns up dead. This shocking true crime documentary will shock to you to your core, how far will a mother go to get the attention that she desires and how far will a daughter go to be able to gain her freedom?

Catastrophe (Channel 4)

This comedy consists of half an hour episode take a turn on the dark side. Touching subjects such as depression, parenthood issues, and alcoholism, these subjects are used for a comedic valve with true and raw honesty. The main storyline follows an American businessman who meets an Irish Teacher named Sharon. They hit it off and sparks fly, but everything is turned upside down when Sharon quickly discovers that she is pregnant. The pair try to make it work and of cause hit numerous bumps and blocks around the way. This program will make you cry with laughter with its fast and ferocious humor but also make you sympathize with how relatable it can be at times.

The Grand Tour

If you loved the old Top Gear, then you’ll definitely need to watch The Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May set out to test the newest and fastest cars around and travel the world annoying and teasing each other along the way.

Traveling to places like California, Johannesburg, England, and Morocco and driving cars such as the Ford Mustang V8, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. If you love to travel and cars then this show is for you. Even if you don’t love cars or find them particularly interesting, the connection and banter between these three friends during the silly tasks and missions they complete will entertain you immensely. This hilarious car show will entertain, inform and have you falling off your seat with laughter at these three friends who are clearly just enjoying their life while making a car show.

Dirty John (Netflix)

Originally made to be a podcast, this true-crime adaptation follows journalist Christopher Goffard through his investigation of John Meehan. Meehan, a conman and sociopath who completely destroyed the lives of Interior designer Debra Newell. Debra Newell played by Connie Britton, falls head over heels in love and quickly marries Meehan played by Eric Bana after a whirlwind romance. Newell slowly starts to uncover the dark and harrowing past of her new husband including drug abuse, past restraining orders and even jail time. After this, their relationship takes a turn for the worst. This gripping true-crime documentary will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time. If you enjoy watching true crime documentary, Netflix is busting with some very interesting and freaky shows right now. From murder to bomb threats to interviews with inmates, Netflix has it all in 2019.

The Big Bang Theory

This American sitcom is hugely popular all around the world for its witty scientific humor and relatable characters. Currently, on its 12th and last session, there is no doubting the success and popularity of this show. Starring Jim Parsons as Sheldon, geeky and incredibly smart scientists and his best friend and roommate Leonard played by Johnny Galecki. The show follows these roommates’ lives, meeting their girlfriends, friends work life and everything in between. This group of quirky friends are insanely smart but lack the social skills and common sense of “normal” guys.
Every character is loveable in their own way and very relatable. Each character has their own stories and tales to tell and you will soon feel like your a part of their life. The show also features some very famous faces such as Charlie Sheen, Lakers player Rick Foxx, Leonard Nimoy, Buzz Aldrin, Steven Hawkins, Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam West and the king of comics Stan Lee.

The show was such a success that it has even had a spin-off show created, “Young Sheldon”. This show follows the early like of the brilliant Sheldon Cooper, showing his difficulties at being a child genius.

What we do in the Shadows (FX)

This horror style mockumentary is a funny twist on the original feature film with the same name. Starring Matt Barry and Kayvan Novak, this documentary-style series follows the lives of four vampires who live together for hundreds of years on Staten Island. They are settled into their everyday lives when they are paid an unexpected visit from their leader and dark lord how reminds them that their original mission has not been completed. The mission: complete world domination. A camera crew follows the four vampires’ daily lives as they set about completing their mission, will they complete it successfully or will it end up failing? This dark comedy will keep you glued to your screen for weeks but don’t forget to keep the garlic close at home for this creepy but funny vampire series.