Vibin' With Visva: News & Updates

Visva 3.0 is here!

What a year, amirite? We've been through what feels like a decade's worth of unprecedented events, but there’s finally a light at the proverbial tunnel that is 2020. America has a new president-elect, Covid-19 vaccines are starting to make their way to people who need it the most, and may of us are ending the year on a hopeful note.

While we may not be back to normal (whatever that is) anytime soon, we are excited at the prospect of hanging out with family and friends IRL in the not so distant future. This has been top of mind at Visva all year, because ultimately, IRL is our vision. With Visva 3.0, we are a few steps closer to that goal.

New Look & Feel

Visva 3.0 was designed with the tribe leader in mind. We kept your favorite vibes close at hand and eliminated the old-school icon bar, allowing the most important elements to float at the ready. Check out the 3.0 concept reel here!

Home: For You & Hot

Inspired by the hottest thing in social since sliced HTML, we added a quick way to see posts from the tribes you've joined, as well as posts in trending tribes! Need something new? Look to what’s HOT. 🔥

The new Visva home screen! Default on the left & scrolled on the right.


Gathering like minded people into tribes is what we do. Now, Tribes are almost always actionable. Want to join a tribe? There’s a button. Want to post to one? There’s a button. Want to share your awesome tribe? BUTTON.

Visva is all about connecting like-minded people! By bringing the community (Tribes) to the forefront of the experience, and keeping context (Vibes) easily accessible, we are solidifying the social experience we think the world is ready for.
- Natalia, Head of Design

Dark Mode

Turn to the dark side! Our dev team usually shies away from white or light backgrounds. With this in mind we designed 3.0 to help draw the eye in to the most important part: Your content. 🌚

Visva Cards

Sometimes unformatted text is just...boring. Now Visva takes your text-based posts and turns them into cool cards! Want to level up your text game? Add emojis!

On the Web

Fun fact: Tribe leaders sometimes need bigger screens. No, we're not getting into the gigantic cell phone game. Visva is now visva is available on web! Try it out...share a link, click a link, it’s all good. 💻

What's Next

We will continue working to give Visva tribe leaders the tools they need to make great things happen both off and online. We’re also creating new ways for tribes to self moderate with the ability to review and remove inappropriate content or bad actors ➜ Vibe check is in the works!

I joined Visva to build the ultimate content and community platform for a new generation of tribe leaders. This new update gets us a bit closer to that vision!
- Patrick, Head of Product

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Visva design and development teams. See you next time!