Benefits of Float Therapy

Flotation therapy is a unique way to heal your aching body from the stress and pains caused by everyday life. You can experience complete relaxation in a luxurious way in peace and private. There are many popular natural therapies around that claim to be able to heal the body with alternative methods. More and more people are becoming interested in new practices of natural healing and float therapy combines old practices with new technology for the best healing results.

What is float therapy?

Float therapy isn’t a new natural healing fad, it’s been around for many years. Invented in the 1950s by medical practitioner John C. Lily, It was mainly used by high-profile athletes as a way to repair bodies after sports injuries.

Flotation therapy helps generate deep and complete relaxation. They can do this by spending 60 to 90 minutes floating in warm water with Epsom salts. What makes the person float is around 1,000lbs of Epsom salts. This mixed with the water creates a very buoyant solution. This basically simulates zero gravity, without having to go into outer space!

Epsom salt

You might have heard of Epsom salt but not quite understand what it is or how it works. Epsom salt or Magnesium Sulfate is a chemical compound made up of magnesium, oxygen, and sulfur. Magnesium is a very important part of a persons diet, but most people don’t digest enough of it through the foods they eat. It’s estimated that around 70% of America adults are deficient in magnesium. There are over three hundred enzymes in the body that require magnesium for everything to function correctly. Magnesium can be digested from the foods we eat, taken as a supplement but it’s most effective when absorbed through the skin which is why float therapy is so popular.

What happens during a session?

So, what happens during the float therapy session? Before you enter the tank, you will have to take a shower so you are clean and you can enter the tank either naked or in a swimming costume, whatever you feel more comfortable in. You will also be asked to wear earplugs while you are in the tank, this is to prevent any water solution entering the ears. You will also be given a pillow for the water so you can completely relax and enjoy your experience.

Once you’re inside the tank you can decide if you want the lid to the tank open or closed. If you are claustrophobic, then maybe consider keeping the lid open or it will ruin your relaxation experience. The tanks are very spacious so you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic once inside, but it depends on the individual. To help you reach complete relaxation you have the option to listen to soft, soothing music and have mood lighting on at the foot of the tank. This all adds to the relaxation experience.
You can lay back and relax with the Epson salts keeping you afloat with no risk of sinking. As this is a completely new experience for most people, expect it to take a bit of time for you to find a comfortable position. Once you are comfortable, you can completely relax, let go and enjoy the 60 – 90-minute unique experience. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, this is common when you are completely relaxed.

Relaxing in the tanks reduces the force of gravity on the body. This can help with any pressure on muscles and joints and helps to take away any pain. Float therapy is much more effective for pain, allowing you to completely unwind and relax. Your energy is reserved as you don’t need to spend it while floating. The energy can be used towards the bodies natural healing process.

Once your session is due to end you may hear a soft-spoken voice or music over the speakers and the lights will start to come back on slowly.

After you have finished in the flotation tank you will have to take a shower. It’s very important to remember to clean the salts off your body and out of your hair. Hopefully, you will leave feeling happy, relaxed and enjoyed your experience.

The health benefits of float therapy

Float therapy has quite a few different types of benefits both physically and mentally, this is what makes it so popular. The main purpose of flotation therapy is achieved through zero gravity, magnesium and the sensory deprivation the person experiences. The weightless of the water helps to reduce pain and pressure in the body, to lower anxiety and causes muscle relaxation. Here are some more benefits of float therapy:

Reduces anxiety

Many people today suffer from anxiety and tension and it can be a very difficult condition to treat. Suffering from anxiety conditions can be very overwhelming and can stop you from living a normal life. Flotation therapy can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety by helping you to relax, improve your sleep and by helping you stay calm.


Magnesium is an important part of a person’s diet, but most people don’t get enough of it in their diets. Foods that are high in magnesium are leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds which unfortunately with the development of fast food delivers most people don’t eat enough of these important foods.

Magnesium is used to help prevent headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, and bone growth. The Epson salts are high in magnesium and the body will absorb it from the water solution in the tank. Many sports people use float therapy because the magnesium can help with tired and aching muscles and helps them to heal faster.

Improves sleep

Insomnia and lack of sleep can be very harmful to your body as well as your social life. Getting the right amount of sleep every night is vital to healthy living and to make sure your brain functions as it is supposed to. If you are obtaining the right amount of sleep each night, it puts you at a lower risk of developing infections and other health issues such as high blood pressure and strokes.

Research conducted has shown that using flotation therapy for two hours every week for as little as two weeks can improve a person’s sleeping issues. Flotation therapy restores, refreshes and revitalizes your senses and most importantly helps you to relax.

Reduces blood pressure

Having high blood pressure causes our hearts to work much harder than it needs to, this can cause health problems such as strokes, kidney and heart failure. No matter your age lowering your blood pressure is defiantly beneficial. Float therapy is an effect, fun and simple way to do this.

Speeds up muscle recovery

Float therapy has been proven to reduce lactic acid and lower pain levels in the body. This is handy is you take part in sports and get injured. No-one likes to be in pain, it can take over your life and stop you doing the fun things you want to do. Flotation therapy is an easy way to manage your pains and a natural way to heal.


Everyday life can be stressful and lots of daily events and stresses can happen and leave you feeling drained. It’s important to remember to take time yourself and to relax. Spend 60-90 minutes in the tank floating and you’ll feel happier, less stressed and relaxed. Float therapy is an enjoyable way to relax for everyone.


Do you want to improve your creative flow? Float therapy has been proven to improve creativity, problem-solving and creative thinking. Is also will boost your energy so you can achieve more goals in your daily life.

Relieves stress

Flotation therapy causes a deep sense of relaxation and peace of the soul and mind. Life can be stressful at times, with financial problems, work, family and loved ones as well as emotional issues, everyone will feel stressed at some point or another. Being in a state of complete relaxation means you don’t have to think or worry about your daily life or issues. Your time in the tank is your time for yourself, and to completely relax, leave the world behind and focus on yourself. Re-set your mind and body, cleanse your soul and boost your energy.

Float therapy can also improve your relationship with yourself and with loved ones. When people are stressed, they tend to take it out on the people they love the most. This can have negative effects on relationships. Float therapy reduces stress, increases positive emotions and enhances awareness.

Pain relief

Flotation therapy can be used as a form of pain relief. It works very well with tension, stiffness and black pain. After one session in the tank any pains your experiencing will feel improved. Flotation therapy works as a natural pain killer, no need to put unknown chemicals into your body. Just lie down and relax, let the water solution take your pains away.

Do you suffer from frequent headaches and migraines, float therapy can help. The zero gravity will take away all the pressure naturally that are causing these headaches and help you relax.

Healthy skin/hair

Your skin and hair can benefit from a visit to float therapy. Epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate which can be used as a natural exfoliator. The salts will help to clear and dead and unwanted skin, it will also help to unblock pore and reduce blackheads and spots. If you suffer from skin disorders or acne the salts will help to facilitate this due to the properties in the magnesium.

There are many different products available on the high street aimed at hair care and some of them can cause more damage than anything. They contain a lot of harsh chemicals that can destroy your hair and ruin it. The Epson salts will help to facilitate the hair and restore it to its natural health and shine. The salts will also add more volume to your locks and give you the look of thicker hair.

Overcoming addiction

It is believed that sensory deprivation medical care can help people overcome their addictions, such as medicine, drugs, and alcohol. Float therapy can provide relief from addiction through a non-chemical technique. Being completely relaxed causes the user to think about their life, personal issues and reflect on their choices. Flotation therapy provides clarity.

As well as addition, if you have bad habits you want to get rid of then floating can help. Smoking, shopping, eating too much chocolate, don’t worry try float therapy. Float therapy improves the connection between physiology and consciousness, this allows people to become more aware of their personal choices in life. It can help these decide how they really feel about their life decisions and help then change.

If you've ever been tempted to try float therapy then hopefully now you have enough reasons to take the plunge. With all the benefits discussed above, it may even become a regular part of your routine.