Catching Up With Visva at Cannes

This week our co-founder and CMO , John Rodriguez or J-Ro , was in Cannes, France at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The global event focuses on celebrating the best of creativity in brand communication and how it relates to business.

Visva was in attendance, because we have an ongoing commitment to building and maintaining a socially responsible company to our users. We also wanted to highlight our hope of creating new ways for corporate brands to easily work with Visva tribes to help move things forward in our shared culture and communities.

This year, we focused on festival program topics around Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We are interested in how they relate to our product and the audience we are building it for ➜ Anyone looking to make things happen for the greater good. We were not surprised to find that these are shared global concerns!

In fact, in the business world, these non-financial criteria Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are used to measure how the activities of a company contribute to society outside of its corporate responsibility to create profits for shareholders. In other words...what else can companies and organizations do to help us all live more purposeful, more satisfying lives by prioritizing people and the planet over profits?

Bad Vibes is Bad Business.
Look at the pandemic shutdown, things just stopped. When we are happy and fulfilled, we act and participate with one another easily and without fear or doubt.
- John Rodriguez J-Ro

We participated in a CMO roundtable with Bloomberg Media amongst other brands including Twitter, Salesforce, Intel, Amazon, and more. Together, we shed some light on how important the ESG metric has become to consumers. According to their research, corporate spend on environmental concerns will continue to be the most popular. Topics like climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity, and more will continue to lead the way in how companies are doing their part to propel us forward.

Additionally, the Social and Governance criteria are becoming more and more necessary for organizations to participate in. Why? Because emerging consumers will demand forward, progressive momentum in these areas.

We’ve recognized the trend and hope to further our platform into helping brands invest in the Visva tribes that are actively working to do great things in the community - and the world at large. Whether it’s a small solar project in your local neighborhood, a statewide campaign for equal rights, or electing more ethical leadership, Visva tribes will help like minded efforts come to fruition.

We hope you agree!