Check Yo' Vibe

We think the future of online communities is all about empowering individual members. This includes providing the tools they need to make great things happen together. We also believe a community should have the power and autonomy to self regulate, censor, and maintain civility for the greater good of their group.

State of Social Media

Trolls, and other bad actors, predate social media and even the internet itself. Raise your hand if you remember "slam books". 🙋 It's human nature to share, opine, argue, and commiserate. Back in the day, it was with pen and paper. Now, it's on social media.

Trolls deliberately post offensive, inflammatory content to provoke confrontation. Modern day trolls are much more sophisticated and well funded, making it easy for them to spread disinformation. Like their predecessors, they also frequently engage in bullying, racism, and overall bad vibes.

Between the pandemic and the presidential election, 2020 was an advantageous year for trolls and their factions. It all culminated just a few weeks ago, when insurrectionists stormed our nation's capitol and caused damage, physical injury, and loss of life. They were fueled by disinformation and posts by extremist groups on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter & Birdwatch

In an effort to combat this type of activity, Twitter announced a new process for dealing with trolls and disinformation through a community-driven moderation tool called Birdwatch. Birdwatch aims to enable trusted editors to label tweets they believe are misleading and add context to misinformation or bad actors.

This is a step in the right direction, but we feel that, ultimately, it is not enough to meet the expectations of future online communities. These communities want control. They want to feel like they are part of a team. They want consensus.

Theme for 2021: Good Vibes Only!

Vibe Check Coming Soon!

We want to empower tribe leaders and community members to maintain the overall mission, purpose, and...the vibe of their tribe! In the coming weeks, we will roll out a new moderation and curation feature called * insert drum roll * VIBE CHECK. 🎉

This is not a tool for reporting inappropriate content. Visva already has a mechanism for reporting posts, tribes, and individual users. Rather, Vibe Check will help ensure every tribe member has a say in the type of content and sentiment featured in that tribe.

Community moderation means a lot of different things to different people. At Visva, our focus is on enabling tribes to determine what works best for them, individually, by tribe. Vibe Check will be decentralized and focused on gaining consensus as a team. After all, one tribe’s “Yass” is another tribe’s “Hell Naw"!
- Patrick Nugent, Head of Product at Visva

So, how will it work? Any tribe member can call a Vibe Check on a questionable post. The post is then moved to an "in review" status for a short period of time, so other members can help determine if it belongs in their tribe. Voting is super simple: Does this pass the Vibe Check?  ✅ Yes or 🚫 No

Initiate a Vibe Check

This democratic voting process results in a consensus, ensuring everyone feels heard and represented. It’s the natural extension of our Vibes feature, which enables users to attach sentiment and feeling. Vibe Check can help curate and maintain the same sentiments that are so vital in helping tribe members feel a sense of belonging and purpose within the tribe.

Vibe Check voting and resolution

New on Visva

Have you checked out Visva on the web? We just rolled out some new features to make the browser/desktop experience more like the Visva app!
    💬 Chat with friends! It’s awesome.
    👯 Tribes you vibe with are now on your profile.
    💛 Select your fave tribes from the Tribes tab.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for more updates here and on Visva for mobile and web!