Introducing the Climate Crew!

Working to save the planet - and ourselves - one small step at a time.

Over the past couple of years, environmental activists like Greta Thunberg have made great strides in bringing awareness to the climate crisis. Her passion, intellect, and tenacity has mobilized people around the world to take action. We’ve seen how groups of people together can make a difference.

Then the pandemic hit earlier this year, and it completely shook up our lives. We had to move Earth Day protests online, and the uptick in PPE use has created a negative environmental impact. However, the pandemic has also given us a unique opportunity to rebuild and recover in a way that serves our planet, and every living being on it, in a positive way.

While climate change is not preventable (anymore), we can take steps to minimize its impact on the planet - and maybe even reverse its effects. This begins with every single one of us.

For most of us, the most difficult part of activism is knowing where to start. Can any of us actually take meaningful action? What does that even look like? We can begin by making small changes to our daily lives - all of which add up to a positive environmental impact.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan.

Climate change is sneaky. We may not see it in our respective parts of the world until it's too late. To help us see the big picture, the Climate Crew will feature some of the places impacted by the effects of this ongoing climate crisis. We will also feature educational information, volunteer opportunities, and resources for fighting climate change at a local and national level.

The Crew is all about:
Climate activism: Urging elected officials to adopt environmental protection legislature
Community action: Working locally to develop eco-friendly communities
Sustainable lifestyle: Learning how to reduce our own impact at home

This tribe is not just a hub for climate action resources. It is designed to be a portal to other tribes created by Visva community members. For example, the Sustainable Fashion tribe highlights low-impact fabrics, thrifted clothing, and recycled footwear. Another climate-oriented tribe, A Guide to Sustainability, focuses on how to begin and maintain eco-friendly habits.

We want to empower you to create a community around your passion for the environment.

The Climate Crew will keep us connected, organized, and When it’s safe to do so, we will provide the tools to mobilize our communities IRL. The ever-awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson once asked, “Why can’t we summon the ingenuity and courage of the generations that came before us?”

We believe that - together - we can.

Join us in the Visva app by tapping the Tribes icon and searching for Climate Crew. We hope to see you there!!

Last week, we dropped a new playlist celebrating the Community Action Squad. We think the songs also vibe with the Climate Crew, so we’re sharing it with you again. Enjoy!