The Election is Over...So Now What?

An historic, divisive election consumed our attention for months. Now that it's over, what do we do next?

Congratulations to us all - we made it to mid November! More importantly, we made it through election week. Our country has a new president-elect, but we’ve already seen some legal battles from the incumbent’s team and anticipate more political disruption, especially in Georgia, in the next few months.

Add to this pandemic fatigue, more social unrest, and a seemingly never ending hurricane season, and it’s no wonder “anxiety” was the most Googled word on Election Day. As election week dragged on without definite results, many of us continued to receive push notifications from news sources, fundraising messages from political parties.

Raise your hand if you spent election night obsessively checking your phone for results, knowing full well that ballot counts would continue for days. 🙋‍♀️ 🙋

If you’re like us, you might feel like your brain is at capacity. It might be time for a reboot, so we can decompress and get ready for what’s sure to be an unusual holiday season.

Media in Moderation

The idea of doing a digital detox has been around for years, but for most of us, a complete purge or “cleanse” just isn’t feasible...or necessary. Everyone's digital and media consumption habits are different, so it's up to us to figure out what they are and how to approach them. Here are a few pretty universal tips to help us put down our phones:

  ✅ Unsubscribe: Do you really need breaking news alerts from
        every major news source? Keep one and get rid of the rest.
        Same goes for messages from politicians, political parties, and
        grassroots organizations.
  ✅ Stop the doomscrolling: This applies to both post-election
        news and pandemic updates.
  ✅ Pause social notifications: Many of us have a love/hate
        relationship with that little red dot. Our FOMO tendencies (Is
        that still a thing?) make us jump to check notifications, even
        when we know it only leads to a social media black hole.
  ✅ Go old school: Instead of compulsively checking news sites
        throughout the day, take a page from the Boomer guide to life
        and watch network news in the evenings.

Post-election Activism

Regardless of who is in the White House, the need for activism on a local and national level is important and necessary. Here are a few ways to stay engaged and involved as we transition to a new year and new presidential era:

  ✊ Social justice: Continue to fight for social justice and immigrant
        rights with organizations like Black Lives Matter and the
        American Civil Liberties Union.
  🌍 Environmentalism: Learn about diversity, inclusion and
        environmental policies from the Intersectional
        Environmentalist and take action with Fridays for Future.
  🗳 Voting rights: Work to dismantle gerrymandering with
        Indivisible and protect voter rights with Voto Latino and
        the NAACP.

ICYMI: Chill Vibes

In the wake of all the election craziness last week, we created this playlist full of good vibes and songs to soothe the soul. We have a feeling it'll become our soundtrack for the rest of 2020. Enjoy!

Stay safe out there and keep the good vibes going! xo