New year ✨ Good vibes ✨ New features

For many of us, the last four years were a painful reminder of some of the darkest chapters in our nation's history. It reminded us that although slavery was abolished long ago, the underlying racism remains. That although women and people of color fought for and won the right to vote, suppression at the ballot box remains.

We must never forget America's past, but we must now focus on its future.

It’s time to grow.

We will soon witness the inauguration of a new president and vice president. This new administration will bring new ideas for tackling the evolving pandemic, the ongoing climate crisis, and hopefully, some of the deep-rooted prejudices we still encounter today.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office on Wednesday, January 20. Join us and the Community Action Squad to chat about the event, play some trivia, and witness this historic inauguration together!

Date: Wednesday, January 20
Time: Opening remarks begin at 11:30am EST
Watch: Biden Inauguration site
Join us: Community Action Squad

New Features

The latest Visva update includes some great profile customization, as well as tools that allow tagging for both tribes and other Visva users!

Pin Your Faves 💛

You can pin your favorites tribes and display to other users which ones you vibe with most! In the tribes tab, select your favorite tribes by selecting the heart.

Then, on your profile page, you can choose which tribes are public or hidden from other users! Simply toggle the eye.

Customize how you use Visva!

Tag - You're It! 👯

Once you create your tribe, you’ll want to make sure to find other folks who share your vibes! With our new tagging feature, you can quickly share links to your (or another) tribe and tag a fellow member of the Visva community.

Simply type “@” and a name in the post comment to open a menu, which will show a name match in either People or Tribes.

Peep New Posts 👀

Our new post view page enables you to easily comment on and vibe with the posts you love. It also helps you share that vibe with the world via twitter, FB, Insta, SMS...wherever you like! Easy peasy.

Tag tribes & users (left) ☆ New post view (right)

We're always working to bring you the best experience on the app and on the web, so stay tuned for new updates soon!