How Do You DIY?

Do it yo' self!

The idea of DIY has been around since...pretty much as long as humans have been around. Examples range from the ancient Ikea building unearthed in Italy, to the hand-woven tartans of 17th century Scotland, to the weekend mechanics of 1950s America. It became a subculture with the emergence of punk rock in the 1960s. 🤘 These anti-corporate bands shunned major labels, producing and pressing their albums, booking their own tours, and promoting shows - with help from the burgeoning DIY zine movement.

We saw another surge in DIY projects last year, as people around the globe realized the pandemic wasn't going anywhere. Since we were all going to be at home, we might as well finish (or start) those home improvement projects we kept putting off. We want to actually like where we're spending most of our time, right?

Upcycled pallet boards and cabinet knobs make great planters!

Another reason for the surge in newly-minted DIYers was that we - bereft of our usual social activities - just had a lot of time on our hands. Some of us spent our otherwise idle hours learning to paint, crochet, and bake sourdough. The sartorially-minded among us created a resurgence in upcycled fashion. And others turned their quarantine hobbies into thriving businesses.

DIY projects will never be able to replace the benefits of spending IRL quality time with close friends and family members. However, they can actually help increase your sense of well being.

The skills we've learned to help us deal with the stress, isolation, and boredom during quarantine will, hopefully, far outlast the pandemic. We will have gained the confidence to try new things and learned to shift our ways of thinking when facing change or crises in the future. Yay us!

Not sure how to get started? Don't worry, we got you...

Find Your Fellow Makers

Whether you're trying to decide what to do with that blank wall in your room or designing a backyard bird and butterfly sanctuary, you'll find others in the same DIY boat. If you know where to look!

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So what are you waiting for? Head over to Visva to get your inspiration on, and let's see how you DIY!

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