How To Visva: Using the New Features

Last time, we introduced Visva's latest features built to help you organize and manage your tribe. Today, we'll show you how to put these tools into action.

Tribe Settings

We've leveled up the Settings to include everything you need to make your tribe your own. Here, you will find tools to update the look and feel, manage feeds and discussions, and establish the overall vibe of your tribe.

To access this screen, tap the three dots at the top right corner, and tap "Settings” (Fig.1 & Fig.2). This menu also allows you to invite users and share your tribe.

Tribe Image
Change your tribe banner at any time or delete it altogether.

Tribe Rules
Use this setting to create rules for tribe etiquette. Create the right vibe for your tribe by establishing guidelines for the types of behavior and content that are encouraged - or discouraged.

Tap "Tribe Rules" and add as many rules as you’d like. When you hit the Save button, it will automatically enable the "Force Rules" slider.

Member Approval
This functionality is very useful for public tribes, which are searchable and visible to any Visva member. When Member Approval is enabled, users will need to be approved by the tribe owner or moderator before they can join the tribe.

Tribe Join Questions
Add questions each potential new member must answer before they are admitted into the tribe. This is a good opportunity to gather information on where new members found your group or remind them of tribe rules.

Select "Tribe Join Questions" from the settings tab and follow the same process as Tribe Rules.

Manage Your Tribe

The Modules section gives tribe leaders the ability to further customize the tribe by adding content and discussion feeds (Fig. 3).


Tell the world about your tribe! With a 2,000 character limit, you have a chance to tell your story, introduce tribe leadership, and outline your mission and goals.

Just tap “About" to add or edit your tribe description.


Keep your tribe’s feeds organized and create different areas for important topics, such as meetings, events, or photo galleries.

To create a new Section:
 ✔︎ Tap “Add Section”
 ✔︎ Name your new section
 ✔︎ Tap “Add”

Once your new section is created, you can rearrange the order by tapping and holding the three bars next to them and moving them up or down. This order will be reflected in the tribe’s menu drawer. An example of the menu drawer is shown in the blog featured image above.


Create different feeds and discussion threads and sort by topic by corresponding sections. There are currently two types of modules available: Posts and Discussions (Fig. 4).

As we mentioned last time, the Posts module is exactly like a scrollable social feed and can include text, links, photos, and other rich content.

Modules do not need to be tied to a specific Section. For example: Create an Onboarding feed, which can house all of the information a new member will need when they join your organization. This feed can then be moved to the top of the modules list, and it will appear just under the About and Members modules in the tribe menu.

To create a new Posts feed:
 ✔︎ Tap “Add Module” and select “Posts”
 ✔︎ Name the module
 ✔︎ Enable Vibe Check and/or Post Approval, depending on the
      nature of the feed
 ✔︎ Tap “Add”
 ✔︎ Move the new feed to your desired location

We've elevated our chat tool to include group chat! Create chat threads for specific topics or for tribe-wide discussions like FAQs.

To create a new Discussion:
 ✔︎ Tap “Add Module” and select “Discussion”
 ✔︎ Give your discussion thread a name
 ✔︎ Tap “Add”
✔︎ Move the new discussion to your desired location

Soon, you’ll see new tools to keep the conversation going with a small group of tribe members, including: role-based channels, threaded replies, and user tagging.

Manage Your Feeds

Last year, we created Vibe Check and Post Approval to help tribe leaders and members decide whether posted content is right for their tribe. Tribe leaders can now enable these features for individual post modules (Fig. 5).

Vibe Check
Vibe Check brings this community moderation power to Visva tribes. When it is enabled in a Posts Module, every tribe member has the ability to call a Vibe Check on any post in that feed.

This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways:
➜ From the feed, tap and hold the vibe button on the lower right
    side of the post and select Vibe Check.
➜ Tap the post preview from the feed to view the full post. A Vibe
    Check icon will appear in the icons list along the bottom.

After you call a Vibe Check, the Vibe Check icon will be activated and you can vote on the post. Once you vote, you will see a pass/fail slider, as well as a countdown timer indicating the time left to vote on the post. The post in question will appear in the feed with a Vibe Check card over it.

If the post has a higher percentage of "yes" votes, it has passed the Vibe Check, and it will appear in the feed with a Vibe Check pass icon. Posts that do not pass the Vibe Check will be removed from the feed.

Post Approval
Tribe leaders have the ability to approve posts before they are visible to the rest of the tribe. To enable this feature, tap the module you would like to moderate and toggle the Post Approval slider.

All new posts will be held in the Pending Posts tab until the tribe owner or moderator approves them. If the post includes a link, you have the ability to tap the link and inspect the content before approving the post. Once the post is approved, it will appear in the feed.

To decline a post, just tap the ❌ button. You will then have the opportunity to communicate to the user why the post was declined (Fig. 6).

Pinned Post
Use this feature to keep notifications, FAQs, and time sensitive information at the top of the post feed.

 ✔︎ Go to the post module and find the post you'd like to pin
 ✔︎ Tap the 3 dots at the upper right side of the post
 ✔︎ Tap "Pin Post"


You asked, and we listened! Tribe members now have the option to enable or disable notifications for each discussion module in the tribe (Fig. 7).

Don't need to know about every single chat message? Set notifications for @ Mentions only. Not interested in that specific feed? Mute it!

That's it for now, everyone. Keep an eye on the Visva Blog for additional step-by-step guides, new feature announcements, and more!