How to Use Pinterest for Business

You have probably heard of Pinterest, but if you haven’t used it then it’s unlikely that you understand completely what it is and why it is so popular. Pinterest is a social media platform and bookmarking engine where users can collect and gather images they like, to share on boards. Then other people can view these boards, collect, or like these pictures and so on. The pictures can also hold links to blogs and other websites.

Pinterest is most commonly used to share ideas and advise, to discover new content and find items to match your passions. For instance, if you enjoy doing DIY projects then you’ll find many steps by step picture guides to help you. Before you get started on making your Pinterest account, here is some terminology that you will need to know:


When you want to pin (save) a picture, you pin it to a custom board. Boards are kind of like albums, you can create as many as you want with different categories of content in each. You can also view other users’ boards for inspiration.

Secret Boards

Secret boards and normal boards are the exact same apart from they’re secret. Only you or people you invite to view the boards will be able to view the pins unless you decide to make the board public. You can change a secret board to the public at any time.

Group boards

These are open boards so all user can share content to the board, not just you.


A pin is an image that you add to your board, and can also link to your business website.


If you like someone else pins, you can re-pin it to your feed or boards. This will share it with all your followers, only do this though if the pin fits in with your original content.

Pin-it button

This is a widget that can be added to your website. If someone visits your website and likes tour article, they then have the option to pin your article by simply clicking on the button to share it to their account.

Step one: Create a business account

There are many different ways that you can use Pinterest as an effective tool for your business, if you setup a profile as a business account you can receive more important information that will help you to optimize your engagement, such as:

  • How many views your pins are getting
  • How many users click the link to your website
  • Determine which pins create the most engagement
  • Examine the demographics of your followers

You’ll also be able to do more with your account such as customize profile tabs, create video posts, access Pinterest ads and show your latest pins on your profile cover.

When creating your profile try to give as much information about your business as possible. Use images that best represent you and your brand, if you have a logo use your logo. Don’t forget to add a link to your business website so people can click and visit. This should help to boost the traffic to your site.

Step two: Creating Boards

Pinboards are boards where you can collect and gather images and “pin” the images to the board. You can have multiple boards and give them names and descriptions so other people can view your boards. Say your business is about travel, then you can have different boards for different locations.

You will want as many people as possible to view your boards to gain exposure, make sure you use your keywords when naming your boards. People can search for specific boards so by using good quality keywords people will be able to find your boards easier.

Step three: Start Pinning

Now you have your account and boards ready, it’s time to start pinning images. If you want to easily add pins from google or other websites then you can install a Pinterest browser button. This way you can pin your favorite images from the web with a click of a button.

You can also upload your own images as pin’s and place them on your own board. To get the most interaction out of them, make sure they are high-quality images that people would be interested in seeing. Once you have pinned all the pictures you want to include on your board, you can pick a good image for the cover pin. People will see this before they open your board so make sure it is a visually compelling image that would make people want to click on it.

Now you understand how Pinterest works, you need to know why to use it and how it will benefit your business. Pinterest will open your business up to a whole new audience, it can lead to more blog traffic and awareness and an increase in sales. A staggering 200 million people are recorded to use Pinterest, some of the most popular categories are DIY, food, home, travel, craft, retail, and style. If you feel that your business fits into these categories, then you could be missing out on a significant portion of the population. If you need more persuasion, here are some of the top benefits of using Pinterest for your business;

It’s free!

One of the great things about Pinterest is that it’s free to use. Both normal and business accounts are completely free to sign up to, no hidden fees this means that anyone in the world can sign up to Pinterest. There are extra features to Pinterest that cost, like running ads but this is entirely up to you if you choose to.

Pin Consistently

If you want to gain followers and for people to be interested in your account, then you need to pin something as much as you can. Pinterest recommends one pin every day in peak times. Don’t pin lots of content at once as they will get lost and not many users will view them.

The more pins you post, the more users will see them and re-pin them. This brings more exposure to your account and website. If you only pin say once a week, you might lose followers due to lack of content. Keep your followers interested and pin as much as you can!

Be social

Pinterest is a social networking site, just like Instagram or Facebook. If you want to gain followers and likes, then you need to engage with other users. Follow other boards that are similar to your own but non-competitive as you will want users to pin links to your business, not other businesses.

Why not use pins on your own website that have a link to your pinboard? This way, anyone who is on your site can easily switch between the two. Pinterest is very popular right now, and it’s a good way to keep an eye on what’s trending. You can use this to your advantage and pin content that people want to see.

Create traffic

If you are looking to gain more traffic to your website, then using Pinterest will help you with this goal. To do this. You need to create visually attractive pins and boards that users would be interested in viewing, and if people like them they will re-pin them to their own boards.

After you pin great content, follow it up with good and useful descriptions that people want to read. Offer something that would appeal to the user's interests or hobbies, or that would inspire them. Link your website or blog to the pin and if people like your image it will be re-pinned and shared are Pinterest and other social media platforms. This provides great exposure to your site and creates more traffic.

Use great visuals

Pinterest is essentially an online bookmarker, it is very visual so requires high-quality images. Users don’t want to look at blurry or pixelated images. Your images should be clear, have good lighting, well-composed and in focus. Taking and using your own photographs is the best option but there are many stock photography sites you can use if you need pictures.

Think about unique and creative ways to show off your business or brand. Try out different types of images and see which ones get the best results and stick with a theme. Most people view Pinterest from a mobile phone so putting your images vertically will show best. Also, adding some words to your image to show what image and link are about and give the user some context.

Descriptions are important

Although the images and visuals are very important, so are the descriptions on the pins. If you are looking to gain serious engagement, then make the most of the description area on the pins. You need to let the users know exactly what they will be getting if they click on the link to your website.

Include important keywords that will help your pin appear in a search, so it is found more easily. Keywords should be included in your titles and descriptions if possible.

Promote your business in the local area

Pinterest has an item called Place pins, these are pins that allow you to pin geographic locations and other information such as your business phone number, address, and email. This is especially helpful if you own a brick and mortar business where you can create a board for some hidden gems in your local area.

Include your own business within the pins but try not to include any other businesses similar to your own. This may open up the possibility of someone traveling to your local area and coming across your business whilst searching for pins. If you do add other businesses, hopefully, they will also promote you back gaining your website more exposure.

Expand your audience

Pinterest has users based all over the world, using it effectively can expand your audience to people and locations you may not have reached beforehand. One effective way to use Pinterest is by using group boards. Group boards work the same as normal boards apart from other users can pin and share images to the board, not just you.

You can also collaborate with another pinner who has similar context as you and that has a large following. This will help your content reach a bigger audience and gain exposure. Make sure you collaborate with someone who will who will improve your content, if you use someone who’s content isn’t relevant to your current audience then this could lead to a loss of followers.

Use analytics to grow

If you open a business account, then you will be able to view Pinterest analytics and metrics. This provides important information about which content and pins are most popular on your account. You can utilize this information to your advantage and keep tweaking your tactics based on what works and what doesn't.

You’ll be able to view what boards users are placing your pins into, this will give you a good idea as to how other people view your business. You will find out the demographics and interests of the users who follow and interact with your pins, helping you guide your target audience.

Pinterest is very different from other social media platforms available. Unlike sites such as Facebook which is primarily used to connect to others, Pinterest is focused on people looking for inspiration and creative ideas. If someone is very interested in your pin, then this will lead to them following the link to your website. This will boost the traffic to your site.

Use your unique and inventive ideas to inspire and help others, by doing this you will create awareness of your business and engagement will follow. Pinterest won’t be for everyone, nor will it work for every business, but it can be a really useful tool of your business fits into the categories. Why not try Pinterest today and see if it can help your business grow?