How To Visva: Build Your Tribe

Welcome to the brand new How To Visva! We have a ton of new updates and features planned, and we'll take you through them step by step in this ongoing blog series.

Here at Visva, we're all about collaboration and making things happen among like minded people. This is the idea behind Tribes. We're building AI enhanced tools to empower your community to collaborate online and IRL.

So, let's build a tribe!

In the Visva app, head over to “Your Tribes” (Fig.1) and tap the Create tribe button. The next screen (Fig. 2) will prompt you to name your tribe and add a photo for the banner. If you don't have a banner image yet, don't worry, you can always add one later!

You can toggle the "Private Tribe" slider on or off, depending on the nature of your tribe. In private tribes, only members can see tribe content and interact with other members.

Hit the Create Tribe button, and you are now the owner of a brand new tribe!

Once the tribe is created, you have the option of inviting new users to your tribe right away (Fig. 3). The Invite Members button allows you to invite existing Visva users - just tap and search for the users you want to invite.

Invite users outside of the Visva community by tapping "Share the Tribe". This will launch a new screen (Fig. 4), which includes both a QR code and a URL to your tribe.

If you would like to finish creating your tribe's profile before inviting new users, tap the Close button (Fig. 3).

Now let's add some personality to your tribe!

Navigate to the "Settings" tab, tap the three dots at the top right corner, and tap "Edit Tribe" (Fig. 5). NOTE: This menu will also allow you to invite users and share your tribe at any time.

After you tap "Edit Tribe", the next screen  (Fig. 6) will allow you to add a tribe description. You have 2000 characters to work with, so don't be shy - tell the world what your tribe is all about! You can also add or change your tribe banner here.

Hit the Save changes button, and you're set.

Finally, you can further customize your tribe by enabling a few options in the "Settings" tab (Fig. 7). In this screen, you'll find some tools with which you might already be familiar: Vibe Check, Post Approval, and Member Approval. Just toggle their respective sliders to turn them on and off.

Now, let's look at a couple of new features that empower you to create specific guidelines for your community. First up is Tribe Rules, which allows you to set the rules for tribe etiquette, posting, or anything else you'd like.

Select "Tribe Rules" from the settings tab and add your rules in the next screen (Fig. 8). When you hit the Save button, the "Force Rules" slider will automatically be set to the on position

You can also add questions each potential new member must answer before they are admitted into the tribe. Select "Tribe Join Questions" from the settings tab and follow the same process as Tribe Rules.

Congrats! Your tribe is now set up and ready to help you and your community get things done. 🙌

That's it for now, fam. Stay tuned for more updates soon - and as always, get in touch if you have any feedback or just want to say hi!