What's New in Tribes

At Visva, we continually strive to bring you the best experience possible. Our big vision - and the driving force for Tribes - is to enable individuals to create communities with others who share their interests.

We want to empower you with the right tools to build and maintain a community with purpose. Our latest update includes some nifty features to help tribe owners and moderators easily manage their communities.

Tribe Rules

It's your tribe. You should be able to set the guidelines for your community. With the new Tribe Rules, now you can!

Simply go to the Settings tab within your tribe and select Tribe Rules. Then just add your rules and hit Save! The Force Rules slider will automatically enable.

Set your tribe rules (L) & See them in the About tab (R)

Mute Tribe Members

Every tribe has its own vibe. Occasionally, the you may encounter a member who continually breaks the rules or disrupts the vibe. We have created a quick way to pause problematic posts within your own tribe: The mute button!

If you see a disruptive post when scrolling through your tribe's feed, simply tap the 3 dots at the top right of the post. You will see several options, including the new mute feature. Then you can choose a time frame, during which, the user will not be able to post or comment in the tribe.

Mute user in tribe view (L) & Choose the duration (R)

Once the user has been muted, the owner/moderator will receive immediate confirmation. The user will be notified next time he or she attempts to post in the tribe.

Owner/moderator confirmation (L) & User notification (R)

Leveled Up Comments

Comments are a great way to add your own vibe to someone's post. It's even better when you can express that vibe with a photo or meme. You asked and we listened. Now you can comment on posts with images! Just tap the Comment icon and you'll see our brand new photo option.

Another comment upgrade is the ability to tag other tribes within your comments! See a post that might be interesting to another tribe? Tag it!

Comment with an image (L) & Easily tag other tribes (R)

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 👋