New Year ✨ New Updates

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ve seen Visva’s transformation from a purely social platform to a social collaboration platform. The last couple of years changed the way businesses, schools, family, and friends interact, and we continue to ask ourselves how we can help make this process better.

What is Visva?

Visva is a hackable social collaboration platform that takes the everyday content scroll and applies real community collaboration tools. It’s Slack meets Discord, plus a little Notion thrown in! We aim to encourage group organization & collaboration to improve our collective lives.

Our latest update offers a peek into the future of collaborative community at Visva. At the heart of it all is Visva Tribes, which are groups of users functioning as independent entities with their own purpose and rules.

The processes for creating a new tribe, as well as sharing the tribe and onboarding new members, have remained the same.

The new update includes mechanisms for organizing the tribe and communicating with other tribe members. Tribe leaders can now create Sections - or channels for topics, subjects, or projects. Within each section, tribe leaders can create customized modules, such as content feeds and multiple group discussions.

Manage Your Tribe

The Modules section in the Tribe Settings page enables tribe leaders to manage the way members view and interact within the tribe. Everything in the Modules section is reflected in the slide-out menu accessible via the three bars at the top left of the tribe home screen.


This is your tool for keeping your tribe’s feed organized. Think chapters in a book or playlists in your Spotify library.

You can create a section for event planning and another section for IRL meetups. Then populate each section with feeds and discussions pertaining only to those sections. (See Modules below).


If a Section is your Spotify playlist, then Modules are the songs with which to populate it. Modules enable you to create different feeds and discussion threads, which you can organize under the corresponding section.

➜ Posts
Use the Posts tool to create different feeds for your tribe. The Posts module functions exactly like a scrollable social feed and can include text, links, photos, and other rich content. This enables tribe leaders to curate feeds based on sections.

For example: Create a section called Gallery, then different Posts modules for exhibitions, works in progress, etc.

➜ Discussion
The Discussion modules are where tribe members can chat with each other in a group chat format. Use these modules to keep your chat threads organized based on specific sections.


Tribe members now have the option to enable or disable notifications for each discussion module in the tribe. This is an especially important feature for tribes with a large number of discussion channels, which may not all be relevant to every tribe member.

That's it for now, fam! 🙌

Next time, we'll have a step-by-step guide on how to use the new features, as well as a sneak peek into some upcoming updates.

In the meantime, check out some tunes we've been obsessing over:

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