Our Favorite Online Thrift Shops

We’re big into thrifting here at Visva. 🤩 Over the past couple of months, we’ve talked about how shopping secondhand is good for the planet, where to score the best finds, and what to do with that oversized polo shirt you got for 3 bucks.

In the past few years, we’ve seen an influx of websites and apps for buying and selling secondhand items like clothes and home decor. The pandemic kept us indoors and helped solidify their footing in the thrift market. The secondhand market is now projected to double over the next five years. Thrifters now have a wide range of online options, including well-known stores like Goodwill and web startups like Thrilling.

So, where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite online thrift shops and vintage stores to help you get started.

Thrift Shops

First, let’s take a look at thrift shops focusing on everyday finds (in no particular order). We picked these based on item selection, website/app usability, and shipping/return policies.

ThredUP is an online consignment store. Sellers can request a Clean Out Kit from the company, fill it up with clothing and/or accessories, and mail it back to them. The ThredUP staff will decide which items are eligible for sale, then photograph and list them on their website and app. When an item sells, ThredUP ships it to the buyer and issues the seller either shopping credit or cash.

The ThreadUP website indicates they have over 2.4 million items from over 35,000 brands listed at any given time. This is the place to shop if you’re looking for in-season, on-trend pieces. But you’re out of luck if you’re interested in men’s clothing or formal wear!

Poshmark is a popular peer-to-peer thrifting website and iPhone/android app. Unlike ThreadUp, sellers list their own items and are responsible for shipping. Poshmark encourages the bargaining process and makes it very easy with their “offer/counter-offer” feature. Buyers can also “like” items to be notified about any price drops.  

This platform is huge and carries everything from clothing for all ages and genders to home goods and decor.

Depop calls itself “the creative community’s mobile marketplace”. This London-based company built an app that feels like a mashup of a social media platform and a marketplace. It’s like if Instagram and Etsy had a baby.

On Depop, sellers list their own items and can get creative with their photography, styling, and branding. They also have a dedicated seller team to help sellers learn the basics and help them get the most out of their shop.

Thrilling is an online marketplace featuring vintage and secondhand clothing from boutiques across the country. They partner with small shops and handle the logistics of online shopping. The Thrilling staff photographs the items, writes descriptions, and lists the items online. Then the items are returned to the boutique, where they go back on the floor. Thrilling only takes a commission when an item is sold through the platform.

You can find anything from vintage t-shirts to wedding dresses on Thrilling. The best part is the list of curated collections where you can search for cottagecore, band tees, and clothing by decade.

Vintage Stores

Now let's take a look at vintage shops, which focus on high end and designer pieces.

Maeven Vintage
Maeven is an Etsy-based business specializing in vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Whether you’re a collector looking for a statement piece, or a newbie looking for something unique, you might just find exactly what you want.

Persephone Vintage
Persephone is also an Etsy-based small business, and describes itself as “curated modern vintage”. The shop is a vintage shopper’s dream, where you can find the perfect deadstock trousers, a designer gown, or a velour playsuit.

In addition to the condition and fabric of the piece, Persephone also provides comprehensive measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Luxury Garage Sale
Luxury Garage Sale is an online consignment store based in Chicago and carries luxury clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Their expert staff ensures each piece is inspected and verified as authentic.

While you can definitely find high-end designer pieces, like a $4,500 Fendi satchel, but you can also find affordable designer clothing, like a Prada leather jacket for under $200. Just be sure to browse their clearance section!

Pro Tips:

Be sure to check out your local shops online! Some stores, like Room Service Vintage in Austin, utilize their social media profiles to post and sell new items.

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