Staying Creative When Life Feels Like an Infinite Time Loop

It’s been almost a year since the world began to lock down due to the pandemic. Work, school, and even our free time drastically changed. The time we would’ve normally spent working out at a gym, going to kids’ extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends and family, going to a movie/concert/gallery opening - there was suddenly an abundance of it!

Early on, we found new and creative ways to spend our free time. Everyone was baking bread or dancing or working out in their kitchens. As the months dragged on, however, the novelty wore off. Every day is now Blursday, and our worlds keep getting increasingly smaller, creating a negative impact on our creativity.

So, are we doomed to spend our days, um...doomscrolling for lack of inspiration? Nah, we got you. Keep reading for ways to break out of the monotony and get creative!

Just Start

Whether it’s procrastination, fear of failure, or lack of inspiration, the best way to get your creative vibes going is to just start. Eliminate distractions like social media, turn off phone notifications, and tidy up your workspace. Oh, and yes, those dirty dishes in the sink can wait.

Give yourself a goal: Just be creative for 15 minutes and then you’re free to do anything else. Brainstorm some ideas and start freewriting. Sketch your hand or that empty water bottle sitting on your desk. Crochet just one chain of stitches. You might just find those 15 minutes have come and gone, and you’re still in the creative zone.

Spend Time in Nature

Did you know spending some quality time outside can actually improve your creative potential? A psychological study showed that the combination of increased time in nature and decreased interaction with technology had a positive impact on creativity and problem solving skills.

So get out there and take a walk, spend time by a lake, or sit under a tree. The sights and sounds might just provide inspiration for your photography, painting, or musical pursuits!

Do Nothing

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a brilliant idea while you’re taking a shower. 🙋 The reason you’re more likely to have a creative epiphany when you’re in the shower or out for a run is that these activities don’t take much thought at all. This frees up other parts of your brain to daydream or just contemplate your day.

So take advantage of your extra time, and let yourself get bored. You’ll emerge recharged and ready to create!

Take a Class

Feeling completely uninspired? It might be time to add a new skill to level up your craft. If you’re a writer, maybe take a drawing class. If you’re an artist, then a photography or animation class might be just what you need.

Depending on your commitment level and financial resources, you can find a multitude of online classes to fit your needs. Want to try some quick (and free!) workshops? Try Skillshare. Interested in a more in-depth, but self-paced, class? Check out Udemy. Ready for a classroom setting with real time feedback? Try a community college course or a specialized institute like School of Motion.

Get Creative With Visva

We want to help you get your creative vibes on! In the next week, we will announce a new contest to showcase your creativity - and win some gift cards, Visva swag, and more. Keep an eye out here on the blog and on Visva for mobile and web!