Good Vibes and New Traditions

The holidays are upon us! This time last year, we would’ve been dreaming of a big Thanksgiving feast and making plans with relatives near and far. This year, as we keep being reminded, is...different.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise, cities are on the verge of lockdown again, and a quarter of a million of Americans have died from Covid-19. It’s been a rough year, and we all yearn for a little normalcy. However, public health officials agree that our usual Thanksgiving gatherings need to be rethought or even just canceled.

New Recommendations

During a press briefing on Thursday morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adjusted its guidance for the holiday and recommended against traveling for Thanksgiving.

Public health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, also advise against gatherings that mix more than a few households. In fact, it's best to not mix households at all. Dr. Fauci himself said he will not be getting together with his daughters this year. Instead, his family's Thanksgiving celebration will be over Zoom.

If you are planning on hosting a small gathering, the CDC recommends the following:

  ✓ Host a small group in a large, open space
  ✓ Keep a safe distance from other guests
  ✓ Request that face masks stay on when not eating or drinking
  ✓ Open windows throughout the home for greater ventilation
  ✓ Use disposable tablecloths and utensils
  ✓ Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and items
       between use

Some states are beginning to mandate lockdowns and curfews, so be sure to check for local restrictions or gathering limits.

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Virtual Meals and New Traditions

Don't want to risk an in-person gathering? We're right there with you! The go-to for celebrations during the pandemic has been video. Whether it's Zoom, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime, we've seen birthdays, Fourth of July BBQs, and Halloween parties happen virtually.

Here are a few other ways to rethink Thanksgiving, and maybe even start some new traditions:

  👩‍💻  Plan a whole day of virtual celebrations at different meal
         times. Thanksgiving breakfast anyone?
  🥧  Coordinate a virtual pie bake off with rules, time limits, and
         guest judges.
  🥡  Order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Turkey and
         dressing not required!
  🧗  Depending on the weather, go hiking, rock climbing, or other
         socially distant outdoor activity.
  🍿 Prefer to stay in? Plan a movie marathon, and stay in pjs
         all day!

The Best Thanksgiving TV

We'll leave you with some great news: We'll be able to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV after all! Apple had reportedly secured the rights to the beloved cartoon, making available only on AppleTV+.

Boo...amirite? Especially since Charlie Brown was adamantly against the commercialization of holidays. However, Apple recently reached a deal with PBS to air the show on both PBS and PBS Kids! Check your local station for showtimes.

Have a safe and happy holiday! 🍂 🥧 🦃