The Power of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a form of emotional support or encouragement. They are “the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.” This means that affirmations are a tool for shaping our thoughts, beliefs, and energy as we go through life. This is important because what we think, how we feel, and what we put into life will lead to certain outcomes: good or bad.

This is where positive affirmations come in. Positive affirmations are a powerful way to encourage yourself, and support yourself on your journey through life. If you want to achieve a life of happiness, health, and abundance, then positive affirmations aren’t to be ignored.

How to include affirmations in your day

In order to gain the ultimate benefits from positive affirmations, you will need to use them on a regular basis. As with everything in life, consistency is the key to success. Here’s 3 ways to include positive affirmations in your life every day:


The first way, and perhaps the most popular, is the use of audiotapes for positive affirmations. Whether this is through podcasts, YouTube, apps, or something else, there are many great sources of affirmations available for listening on the go.

This is helpful as it instils positivity into your mind while you’re working, sleeping, travelling, or meditating (etc.) which will then have a lasting and positive effect on your mind and well being.


The next method is through journaling. Many people journal on a regular basis, whether it is with prompts, intention, or just to write an account of their day. Including affirmations in your journaling practice can be fundamental in gaining long-term benefits in your life (listed below).

You could journal in your usual way, then take a moment to end your page with a few positive affirmations that have meaning and purpose to you. This is a great way to get your mind in the right space in the morning or in the evenings before bed.


Lastly, there is visuals. A lot of people find comfort in having their positive affirmations displayed around them for them to see on a regular basis. This could be through quotes and images from the internet or written on pieces of paper that are then stuck to your walls, mirrors, or windows.

Placing your positive affirmations in the appropriate places where you will see them everyday is important for gaining the benefits in a somewhat effortless fashion. Why not try making a mood board, dream board, or vision board with your positive affirmations displayed artistically on them? Doing this puts the right intentions and energy into the life you wish to manifest for yourself.

Examples of positive affirmations:

  • I am strong
  • I am enough
  • I am beautiful
  • I am on my way to change
  • I have what it takes to succeed
  • Everything that I want is coming my way
  • I can do this
  • I am more than my thoughts and feelings
  • I can create a good future for myself

Now, let’s discuss the power of positive affirmations and why you need them in your life…

Sets the tone for your day

Starting your day with a positive affirmation can do wonders for getting you into the right mindset for a happy, productive day. Having a day that starts perhaps more negatively or neutral will not have the same affects as positivity being injected into your morning right from the get-go.

Positive affirmations can be the positive start to your morning that you need to get into the right frame of mind for a wonderful day. Waking up and saying, “I will have a great day today” will only ever be a good way to start the day.


By implementing positive affirmations into your day, you are giving yourself and your mind a boost. A boost of energy, a boost of excitement, a boost of determination, and a boost of happy feelings. Scientifically speaking, these feelings are likely dopamine being released into your body.

Dopamine helps us to feel good. It is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps us feel motivated and happy. It is linked to euphoria, energy, and helps regulate our attention, learning, and movement. So, getting a rush of dopamine is important for feeling good and feeling like you can tackle your day with motivation and the ability to get things done.

If positive affirmations helps us feel this way, then we say let’s do it!


Positive affirmations are a key component of self-care. Self-care is just as it sounds; it’s the practice of putting yourself first and looking after yourself from a holistic standpoint: mind, body, and soul. This is why positive affirmations are powerful; they can be the self-care that you need for your mind.

The world can be a hard place at times and this takes its toll on our minds; with positive affirmations, you can combat these bleak views of life and the world.


Self-love is a crucial part of wellness. If we can first learn to love ourselves, then we will be more mindful in all areas of our lives. We will want to better our mental health, physical health, and spirituality. Positive affirmations can play a key role in that.

Positive affirmations help with our self-love because we can begin to change our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We can replace negativity and damaging beliefs with positive affirmations that instead instill a view of love, empowerment, and encouragement. This will then lead to a strong, more positive, more resilient you.


Cultivating a practice of using positive affirmations works wonders on the road to calm. Calm, relaxation, and quiet are all important for our well being, alongside getting relief from things like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Positive affirmations shift our perspective and thoughts to a healthier light. This will then put our minds into a state of calm rather than frustration, tiredness, overwhelm, or stress. Positive affirmations take “I can’t do this,” which causes stress, and turns it into “I have the strength and ability to work through any problem,” which instills calm in stressful times.

Strength and resilience

As briefly mentioned, positive affirmations have the ability to switch our mindsets from thoughts that are unhelpful and damaging to thoughts that are more giving and empowering. This is paramount for cultivating strength and resilience in life. Those of us who are stronger and more resilient to life’s lashes will be more successful, healthier and happier.

Strength of any kind comes from within, so using positive affirmations in your day-to-day life will help you to enhance that mental strength. It will help you to believe powerful things about yourself and as we all know, belief is half the way to tangible results.

Focus on the good

Many people are against the idea of positive thinking leading to a happy life. They think that it is naïve or illogical. It is important to say that positive affirmations aren’t just about positive thinking; it’s about shifting your perspective. It’s not about ignoring your problems or the “bad” in life with blind faith in the good. Instead, it is about where you choose to put your time, energy, and focus.

If you focus on the bad and give energy to it, you will continue to be unhappy and find problems in life. If you choose to focus on the good (while maintaining the logical understanding that the bad still exists) you will be happier, and you will find solutions.

Life is about balance; good and bad. There is bad and good in nearly all situations, and this is a concept we must all accept in order to better understand ourselves and life in general. This is the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin and Yang. We accept both and aim to maintain balance in our lives; but with positive affirmations, you choose to actively give energy to the good, which is a healthier way to live than the alternative.

Positive energy for others

Positive affirmations help us to give life to the positive energy all around us. This positive energy then becomes infectious. It is airborne. This positive energy can be felt by others, and this can be helpful in improving their mood or attracting more positive people into your life. There are already enough people spreading negativity and hate in the world; let’s be the kind of people who spread joy, wellness, and positivity in all forms.

By using positive affirmations, you can achieve this. You can put yourself into the right mindset and release the right energy into the world to put beauty in the place of hate.

Adjust your beliefs

The most important part of the use of positive affirmations is the ability to shift your belief systems. We all have core beliefs buried deep inside of us. Finding these core beliefs can be tricky, and this is something that CBT therapists often help with, but understanding that our core beliefs shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours is the most important thing here.

Once you understand this, you can begin to better understand yourself. Self-awareness is a pivotal part of leading a fulfilling, intentional, happy life. Bringing it back to positive affirmations, we know that they can help to change our thoughts and slowly chip away at our beliefs.

Beliefs aren’t shaped in a day, nor are they changed in a day. It takes time. Positive affirmations are an important step to getting you to a place where your beliefs better align with who you are, and what you want from your life.

Combat depression and anxiety

It is important to know that positive affirmations should not be used in the place of professional or clinic help if you are suffering with anxiety or depression or any other mental health problem. Please speak with your doctor if you feel like you are experiencing these illnesses.

However, positive affirmations can be a useful tool to help you to better cope and gain relief from the symptoms and affects of disorders like anxiety, depression and stress. Anxious or depressed minds have a way of darkening our view of the world and seeing it through a lens of fear or hopelessness. Positive affirmations work to combat that view.

Using positive affirmations every day, ones that resonate and have meaning for you, will help you to challenge the anxious or depressed thoughts and temporary replace them with more helpful ones.

Success mindset

The power of positive affirmations can be shortened to this one benefit: success. Positive affirmations are imperative for shifting our mindset into that of the success mindset. Success is always down to the individual, of course, but success in all forms can begin with positive affirmations.

This can be success in our relationships; success in our careers, success in our health; success in our personal development, and so on.

Positive affirmations are important for getting into the right headspace for the success mindset. The mindset that prepares you for growth, change, and action on the road towards your dreams. Those who don’t have a success mindset will not be prepare for success in the right way. The challenges on your way to success are difficult to withstand, but with the right perspective and mindset, you can trust in yourself to get there.

There is no denying that positive affirmations can be powerful tools to have under your belt when pursuing success, health, and happiness in life. If you practice the use of positive affirmations on a daily basis, you will see the uplifting and empowering results.