Thrift Flip With Us!

Have we mentioned we ♥️ thrifting? It’s equal parts treasure hunting and bargain shopping. Half the fun is going to a secondhand shop thinking, “What will we find today?” Because if we go shopping with the intention to find something specific, we may miss out on something even better.

So what’s the best way to make the most of your thrifts? Thrift. Flipping. Whether you’re looking for the silhouette of vintage ‘40s fashion or the laid-back cool of ‘90s style, thrift flipping can help you achieve the aesthetic you want with minimal effort.

What is thrift flipping anyway?

Thrift flipping is when you take old clothing, accessories, or furniture and make them new again. Some thrifters resell their flips on sites like Depop or Etsy, while many others keep their flips for themselves. Either way, it keeps these items out of landfills and helps slow down the fast fashion cycle.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the massive amount of resources used by the fast fashion industry and how buying secondhand can help us help the planet. Now, let’s clear up some confusing terms floating around the sustainable fashion space. A lot of clothing brands on the market tend to use the terms “upcycling” and “recycling” interchangeably, but they are two completely different mechanisms.

The Ecocult blog explains the difference:
👖  Upcycling means to transform clothes, accessories, and textile waste into new items, and they can come from post-consumer waste or deadstock.
♻️  Recycling usually only applies to textile waste and uses the process of breaking down fabric into fibers, then weaving new fabric.

When we thrift and flip, we’re actually upcycling!

One of the expert thrifters currently hanging out with the Visva thrift finds! tribe, Bianca Gan, shows us her creativity by refashioning ill-fitting or unwanted clothing into new pieces that fit her perfectly. Check out this amazing before and after:

Want to see how Bianca transformed this old shirt? Watch her how-to video for the following projects:
👕  Polo shirt ➜ two-piece set (pictured above)
️👕  Polo shirt ➜ halter top
✌️  Tank top tie dye
💎 Bedazzled tank top

And here's a fantastic intro to refashioning for beginners:

Level Up Your Home Decor

Thrift flipping is great for more than just your wardrobe. It’s a
budget-friendly way to freshen up your home decor and add your own unique style to existing pieces.

A quick and easy way to flip thrifted furniture and decor is to just give it a new coat of paint!

Delaney is another expert thrifter hanging out with us on Visva, and she has a great eye for boho furniture and home decor. Here is one of her tips for returning a thrifted wicker piece to its original color.

Got mad DIY skills and need a bigger challenge? Check out this tutorial for turning an old armoire into a Narnia-style reading nook. Or use paint sticks to transform an ugly nightstand into a fabulous side table.

The only limit is your imagination!

If you're new to thrifting, here are some essential pieces you can easily flip to uplevel your wardrobe and your home:
✔︎  Denim
✔︎  T-shirts
✔︎  Hoodies & sweaters
✔︎  Midi & pencil skirts
✔︎  Vintage prints
✔︎  Mirrors
✔︎  Room dividers
✔︎  Wicker & rattan
✔︎  Vintage upholstery fabric

Join the thrift finds! tribe for more tips, resources, and inspiration. Have fun and get creative!