Vibin' with Visva: Check out the new Events Channels!

Welcome to the latest installment of Vibin’ With Visva! In this ongoing blog series, we bring you the latest on product updates, new features, and a whole lot more.

Visva is the best way to create and manage your online and IRL communities. With tools like Vibe Check, Sections, and Modules, tribe leaders have even more flexibility and options to facilitate an active, purposeful tribe.

Our team is working hard to bring even more tools to help you get things done with your tribe. This week, we unveiled Visva Events!

With our new Events feature, scheduling an event for your tribe is quick and easy. A tribe event can be anything from an IRL meetup to an online movie watch party.

Read on for details and a step-by-step event walkthrough...

Events Channels

Tribe leaders have the ability to create specific Events Channels for different types of events. In the examples below, Nerd News 2.0 tribe leaders created a dedicated event channel to schedule watch parties for a specific streaming series.

Tribe leaders also created a general events channel, called "Watch Parties", where tribe members can create watch parties for movies and other one-off events.

How to create an Events Channel:

➜  Tap the 3 dots at the upper right of your tribe screen, then
      select “Settings”.

➜  In the Settings screen (Fig. 3), tap “Add Module”.
➜  In the next screen (Fig. 4), tap the purple “Event” button.

➜  Name your new event channel and pick a custom color for your
      channel icon. You also have the option to select who can create
      new events. (Fig. 5)
➜  After your new event channel is created, you can change the
      menu order in the Settings screen. (Fig. 6)

Now, you're ready to schedule some events!

Create an Event

Any new events channels you create will appear in the main menu of your tribe with a calendar icon next to it.

➜  Select the Events Channel you want to work with. (Fig. 7)
➜  Tap the yellow "Add Event" button at the bottom right of
      the screen.

➜  Enter the event details, including group watch links and custom
      header images, then tap “Create Event”. (Fig. 9 & 10)

➜  Your new event will appear in the event list! (Fig. 11)
➜  When attendees tap into the event from this screen, they can
      comment, vibe, and see the list of other attendees. (Fig. 12)

➜  The following screen shows an example of the event list for the
      general Watch Parties channel.

Events calendars always indicate the current date, however, the list will show all scheduled events.

That's it for events. Stay tuned for more new features and updates!