Vibin' With Visva: New Updates

Welcome to the latest installment of Vibin’ With Visva! In this ongoing blog series, we bring you the latest on product updates, new features, and a whole lot more.

Our previous update introduced Modules and Sections, which enable tribe leaders to manage the way members view and interact within the tribe. Need some help adding these new features to your tribe? Check out this How to Visva blog post!

This update includes some new features to help you organize and manage your tribe. We also included some extra Good Vibes...just because. ✨ Let's see what's new!

Color Coded Modules

Once you start adding new sections and feeds to your tribe, you will see them in the main tribe menu (See Fig. 1). Now, you have the the option to color code each individual module to differentiate them and make them easier to identify.

Add some color to your tribe via tribe settings: Tap the three bars at the top right of your tribe's home screen and tap "Settings". From the tribe settings screen, tap the individual module you would like to edit (Fig. 2).

Along the top of the Edit Module screen, you will see a row of colors to choose from (Fig.3). Pick your favorite and hit Save!

This screen is important, because it also allows you to enable features that will apply to only the module you are editing.

Customize Module Content

Last spring, we unveiled one of our most important features, Vibe Check. It's a community moderation tool created to empower tribe members to vote on the type of content and sentiment featured in that tribe.

Another feature, Post Approval, gave tribe leaders have the ability to approve posts before they are visible to the rest of the tribe. Read more about Vibe Check and Post Approval here!

The previous versions of those features applied to the tribe as a whole. Now, tribe leaders can enable or disable Vibe Check and Post Approval for each individual module within the tribe (Fig. 3).

From the Edit Module screen, tribe leaders can curate the content tribe members can post and view in that particular feed. Simply tap "Content Settings" to edit.

The next screen gives you the ability to allow or disallow different types of content, or you can make certain content a requirement (Fig. 4). If, for example, pictures are allowed in the feed, you can require the poster to add a description to it by making "Text Submissions" a requirement.

From the Content Settings screen, tribe leaders can also enable or disable previews for any links posted in the feed.

That's it for now, fam. Stay tuned here and on social @visvaofficial for more news and updates!