Vibin' With Visva: Post Approval

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Vibin’ With Visva! In this ongoing blog series, we bring you the latest on product updates, new features, and a whole lot more.

Our latest update includes a powerful new feature to help tribe leaders easily manage their communities.

Post Approval

Tribe leaders now have the ability to approve posts before they are posted in the tribes they manage. To enable this feature, simply navigate to the Settings tab and turn on the Post Approval option.

All new posts will be held in the Pending Posts tab until the tribe owner or moderator approves them. If a post includes a link, you have the ability to tap the link and inspect the content before approving the post.

Tribe settings with Post Approval enabled (left) and Pending Posts list (right)

Does the post vibe with your tribe? Hit the ✅ button!

Once the post is approved, you will see a confirmation in the Pending Posts list. The post will then appear in the Tribe feed.

It's that easy!

Confirmation of approved post (left) and Approved post in the Tribe feed (right)

If you decide to decline a post, just tap the ❌ button. You will then have the opportunity to communicate to the user why the post was declined. The user will receive a notification indicating that their post was removed, as well as any feedback you have provided.

We hope this new feature empowers you to create just the right vibe for your community.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 👋