Vibin' With Visva: Vibe Check Edition

Welcome to the latest installment of Vibin’ With Visva! In this ongoing blog series, we bring you the latest on product updates, new features, and a whole lot more.

The latest update is a big one: Vibe Check has arrived! What is Vibe Check, you ask? It's a community moderation tool to ensure every tribe member has a say in the type of content and sentiment featured in that tribe.

John Rodriguez (J-Ro), Chief Marketing Officer at Visva, explains The Why behind this new feature:

Our modern social platforms are optimized for ad engagement and conversion. It’s no wonder leading a group around an interest or passion can quickly become a job of moderating bad actors, misleading content, and harassment. A disproportionate amount of users will disengage when faced with these issues, and rather than report the content to a moderator, they will simply not return.

We think of the Visva platform as a social productivity tool - a place where the collective sum of the tribe can surpass the individual member. Visva tribes are meant to be safe, inclusive, equal, and actionable to all members. In other words, a democracy. The platform would need to take into account the fact that though tribe leaders and moderators are trusted stewards, the best groups require active participation in making the tribe a great place for all involved. Strong, enabled individual tribes will, in turn, build the collaborative societal product we envision. So we built Vibe Check.

Vibe Check brings this community moderation power to Visva tribes, and we believe it will be a valuable tool for our broader Visva ecosystem. In addition to enabling collaborative moderation of content, it can also be used (eventually 😉) to empower tribe members to vote on the types of passion-related opportunities and partnerships presented to them. Vibe Check lets the tribe decide! Here’s how it works -

Any tribe member has the ability to call a Vibe Check in one of two different ways.
 ✔︎ From the "For You" feed or the tribe feed, tap and hold the vibe
     button on the lower right side of the post and select Vibe Check.
 ✔︎ Tap the post preview from either feed to view the full post. A
     Vibe Check icon will appear in the icons list along the bottom.

After you call a Vibe Check, the Vibe Check icon will be activated and you can vote on the post. Tap and hold the button and select the yellow smile icon to vote YES and the blue frown icon to vote NO.

Once you vote, you will see a pass/fail slider, as well as a countdown timer indicating the time left to vote on the post.

The post in question will appear in both the "For You" feed and the tribe feed with a Vibe Check card over it.

If the post has a higher percentage of "yes" votes, it has passed the Vibe Check, and it will appear in the feed with a Vibe Check pass icon. Posts that do not pass the Vibe Check will be removed from the feed.

And that's Vibe Check!

We hope this new feature helps your community create the right vibe for your tribe. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 🙌