Vibin' with...the Visva iOS Team

The most recent Facebook SDK outages prompted the Visva team to look at the usefulness of social logins. We’ve decided to leave them behind.

Note: Did you previously sign-in with your Facebook or twitter account? The tl;dr is that we are no longer providing that option. Simply tap “forgot password” to create a new password to log-in to Visva! Read all about it below.

Let’s talk about social know, the ubiquitous “Login with Facebook” option we’re given when we want to access our fave apps. With around 2.6 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It makes sense they would try to provide a way to ease the login process for users - even if the user is trying to log into a non-Facebook app.

In theory, it’s a great idea. It reduces the number of login credentials users need to remember, pretty much eliminating the “forgot password” reset process. This is made possible through Software Development Kits (SDK) provided by Facebook to enable different platforms to build social logins into iOS or Android apps.

But what started out as an amazing growth hack for Facebook is now placing limits on consumer app experiences all over the internet. And for Apple / iOS users ✋, there is a faster, more secure, and more privacy-friendly way for users to set up accounts and use apps and websites.

On multiple occasions over the past few months, you may have noticed some of your favorite apps, including Spotify, TikTok, and Pinterest, crashing on your iOS devices. The problem was traced back to Facebook’s SDK for iOS, which these apps use to manage logins - there were no outage reports from Android users. The really big problem was that this issue affected users that had not even used the Facebook login to get into their other apps.

These recent issues prompted the Visva team to look at the usefulness of social logins. The decision was unanimous: Visva will no longer provide the option to sign in via Facebook and Twitter.

Visva is working to implement “Sign in with Apple” to the Visva app, alongside email and password authentication, of course.

“The team and I were obviously not happy with the persistent crashing of the Facebook SDK,” said Tom Klucher, Lead iOS Developer. “And with Apple’s option it was an easy decision to remove some social media services from Visva.”

This new Apple authentication method was announced at WWDC 2019 and promises to fill the need for easy authentication, without collecting user data. The visva team team agrees this is the best alternative, because it’s more secure and protects privacy by giving users the power to share or keep certain information private.

“Removing social logins is not only a great win for user privacy and flow, but also an expression of confidence in Visva,” said Ian Thomas, iOS developer. “ We don’t need these social logins to help get people into our app!”

Although the Facebook SDK may have made logins a little easier for users 10 years ago, we have to wonder who social logins really benefit. Are they really for the users’ benefit or for Facebook? What about user privacy? How much data is Facebook really getting? We’ll explore these questions and more next time we Vibe with the Visva iOS Team.

Reach out to the Visva support team if you have any trouble getting into your account and we’ll set you right up!