Grow Your Community With Visva

Visva is the perfect place to connect with members of your organization. We have created tools to empower you to build a thriving, active community - and help expand your outreach to new members.

This guide is meant to help you on your way to building an awesome Tribe on Visva.

🖌  Branding

Tribe Title: Start with a creative title. For best search visibility on Visva, make sure to include a keyword in your title. (For example: “Harry Potter” should be in the title of a Harry Potter tribe).

Tribe Description: Use your Tribe description to welcome members, share your Tribe’s purpose, and outline its format. Make it comprehensive, and be sure to include any keywords. Here’s an example of a Tribe description:

I created this group so that passive income / financial freedom fighters have a place to ask questions, share wins, get advice, give advice and help support each other to maximize their income streams.

Banner: Add a banner image that is representative of your Tribe.

📝  Tribe Rules

This is a great way to set the tone for your tribe and share the types of behavior and content that are encouraged - or discouraged. Your rules are an extension of your brand and core values, so be sure to embrace or organization’s personality!

Set the vibe with Tribe Rules

👋  Community Engagement

A strong community requires constant communication and engagement. People who post in the group want to know they will receive a response. Here are a few tips to get you started:
    ✔︎  Say hi to new members: Create welcome posts to greet new
         people in your tribe
    ✔︎  Create a format: For example, ask new members to introduce
         themselves to the group
    ✔︎  Create something to look forward to: Think Motivational
         Mondays or On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

👯‍♀️  Invite New Members

More members = more interaction. Use the share button to invite your friends to the group, and create content externally to share your Tribe URL to new users.

🧰  Community Management Tools

Our team is always working to provide tribe leaders with the tools they need to make great things happen both off and online. Here’s a list of some useful features to help you set a vibe and connect with your community.

Tribe Leader Badges: These designations are great for easily identifying tribe leaders directly from the tribe feed!
    👑  Tribe owners get a crown
    ⭐️  Moderators get a star


Pinned Post: Add a pinned post with a video or photos to share what your community is all about. This is a great feature for posting notifications, FAQs, and event information! Here's how:
    ➜  Go to your tribe feed and find the post you'd like to pin
    ➜  Tap the 3 dots at the upper right side of the post
    ➜  Tap "Pin Post"

Pin that post

Post Approval: Tribe leaders now have the ability to approve posts before they are posted in the tribes they manage. To enable this feature, simply navigate to the Settings tab and turn on the Post Approval option.

All new posts will be held in the Pending Posts tab until the tribe owner or moderator approves them. If a post includes a link, you have the ability to tap the link and inspect the content before approving the post.

Does the post vibe with your tribe? Hit the ✅ button!

Check yes or no

Mute Button: You may encounter a user who doesn’t quite vibe with your community or is consistently posting disruptive content. Tribe leaders can mute that user directly from the tribe's feed in a few simple steps.
    ︎✔︎  Tap the 3 dots at the top right of the post
    ✔︎  Select “Mute User” from the list of options
    ✔︎  Choose a time frame

Mute disruptive users

Post Comments: Comments are another great way to set the tone for your tribe. Engage with your community by commenting on posts with thoughtful questions or different insights. Use photos or links for even more impact!

Tribe & User Tagging: Once you create your tribe, you’ll want to make sure to find other folks who share your vibes! With our tagging feature, you can quickly share links to your (or another) tribe and tag a fellow member of the Visva community.

Comment with images (L) & Tag people or tribes (R)

Vibe Check: Coming Soon! We want to empower tribe leaders and community members to maintain the overall mission, purpose, and...the vibe of their tribe! Any tribe member can call a Vibe Check on a questionable post. The post is then moved to an "in review" status for a short period of time, so other members can help determine if it belongs in their tribe.