Welcome to Visva Tribes! 👋

A note from our GM:

Welcome to Visva, the social action network powered by vibes!

You might be thinking…”Action network? Vibes? What does this all mean…” Well, the idea was simple.

IRL > URL. We truly believe that real life is better than most online experiences. In this day and age, there are many social media companies. However, we feel they are not efficient in making meaningful connections with collective values.

With Visva, we wanted to not only help people find one another, but also support collaboration, diversity, authenticity, and respect for our users so that they could do whatever they’re passionate about, together.

The Problems with Current Social Media

I love the idea of social media - the idea of connecting people and sharing information through online means. I use it for my music, my different online businesses, and for fun with friends and family. But often it can feel like a game with no end, no way to see something really happen in the real world.

Social media became a world of highlight reels and superficial numbers, rather than meaningful connection around shared values, interests, and causes.

We’re seeing:

  • Increased anxiety due to worries around posting the ‘perfect picture’
  • Inauthentically crafted posts to get more ‘likes’ and comments
  • Feeds of content people don’t really care about
  • Comparison rather than connection - what social media is SUPPOSED to be about
  • And ultimately, the lack of a platform for meaningful conversations with other like-minded individuals you vibe with

There has to be a better way.

The Loneliness Problem

I realized this in 2016 when I decided to take a sabbatical from the world of digital marketing for the likes of organizations like Scalable Press, Google and others. I had been working since college and decided I wanted to be a digital nomad. For two years, I traveled the world all over Asia, Europe, USA, and Canada.

I discovered three things on my journey when it came to creating lasting connections:

  1. I was able to make friends through online tools, but it required a lot of extra effort to bring other expats together.
  2. Most people came and went, so I would have to start from scratch and make new friends in each country I arrived in.
  3. Out of the hundreds of people I met, I only truly vibed with 3 people on my journey, and those people are still close in my life to this day. If I didn’t have these digital nomad friends who I could chat with online and meet up with IRL throughout my journey, I would have probably quit my travels within the first year out of sheer loneliness.

It made me wonder: if this were the case for me, how many people in the world suffer from loneliness due to the inability of finding people who truly understood them? How can we make the world more connected, where people can easily find others who vibed with them and meet up IRL?

These three things made me realize we needed a better tool to automatically bring people together through shared vibes and passions and actually encourage them to meet up in person.

Visva Explained

When I returned to the Bay Area and joined Visva, I made sure to implement what I learned into this new, smart social media platform. Visva was built to help people find things they are most interested in. The platform would not be burdened by the regular pitfalls of current social networks - it couldn’t be gamed by influencers since it was not based on a follower model and it would not exist solely to provide user details to advertisers. But, most importantly, it would have a completely unique way of matching users with content and one another - through sentiment.

Visva measures sentiment via vibes. It’s about how things make you feel.

That gut reaction beyond a mere thumbs up and thumbs down? That’s a vibe.
The way some things just make you smile? That’s a vibe.
Those posts that (a bit too accurately) sum up your life, that you couldn’t help but share with your friends over a DM? That’s a vibe!

On Visva, we are creating a platform that allows users to vibe with any type of content both on the creation side, as well as the consumption side.

Social graphs are interesting things. They ebb and flow as new connections are made and existing ones fade away. But ultimately the only thing that matters is how much we react collectively to the changing conditions of our environment, especially the environment most close to us. And that’s where Tribes comes in.

Tribes are simply vibes that have become actionable by a group of like-minded people. When a vibe permeates throughout a determined populace, real, amazing things can happen. Visva’s ultimate goal is to create the ideal conditions where a like-minded group can outperform their individual members. Visva is where a vibe on any topic, subject, image, link, meme or really anything at all can attract collaborators to take action. We like to say “Vibes makes Tribes”, and we hope you agree.

My Final Thoughts

Visva’s mission is just beginning and we hope to eventually build an entirely new type of social graph. A social graph that is driven by sentiment and intent, not empty or meaningless interactions. We want to enable more than social viewing, we want to enable social doing!

We hope you will give Visva Tribes a try and let us know how we can make it match the vision of how you want to interact with one another to take action. The Visva story belongs to a group of amazing people in the Bay Area striving to build authentic connections in real life. It’s an important idea that I’m truly proud to be a part of, and I hope you find the vibe and tribe that you are looking for!

All my best,