Why You Should Use Visva

At Visva, we recommend the articles, photos, and videos you want to see without the need to filter for content or provide personal information. Simply create an account and play with the platform. As you engage with posts on Visva, our revolutionary AI technology will learn through your behavior to serve you the best and most relevant content!

About Visva

Visva’s mission is to automatically connect interesting stories with the right people. When it comes to finding interesting posts, people normally have to work to find content by browsing categories, tags, and search, and a lot of this information is tracked by social networks (like Facebook) which tend to invade on privacy. And when it comes to sharing content, creators with smaller followings have a huge disadvantage trying to get their posts seen in saturated markets. With Visva, content finds you, not the other way around. Visva recommends the articles, photos, and videos you want to see without the need to filter for content or provide personal information. The more you play with the platform, the more Visva’s AI technology learns about your behavior to serve you relevant content. For readers, that means you’ll receive the posts you want to read (and even the posts you didn’t know you wanted to read) without having to work for it or worry about safety. For content creators, that means you have the same chance as any other creator for your content to be seen, whether you have one followers or a million followers.

Discover Everything You Love

The more you browse cool stuff, the more Visva learns and shows you more of what you love. The great thing about our platform is it is tailored to you. We're not going to ask you what kind of stuff you want to see or ask you information about yourself. Instead we'll automatically start sending you relevant content based on how you engage with the platform! So it doesn't matter what type of quirky interests you may have - on Visva, there will be something for everybody.

Express Yourself Fearlessly

In this social media-driven generation, we understand the pressure we place on ourselves to conform to society and act a certain way based on what society expects of us. But at Visva, we're all about expressing your true self, and our mission is to break free from labels, stereotypes, and judgments. Our platform makes it so that each post you publish has the right audience for it who will appreciate it.

Get Heard

Most social platforms give the most favor to influencers with the most following so that their posts are ranked higher and seen the most. Meanwhile, those with zero following have a harder time getting heard.

On Visva, there is no need to worry about views and follower counts. Each post on Visva has the same opportunity to be seen by readers like you on the platform.

Visva's mission is to show you all the content you love and to give everyone equal opportunity to be heard. We want to inspire people to be their true selves on our platform - so let your beautiful self shine unapologetically! Join Visva today, because everyone deserves a chance to be heard.