2021: The Year of Good Vibes

After yesterday’s egregious attack on American democracy by a mob of far-right rioters, it might be easy to look at this new year with cynicism. It almost felt like 2021 was telling 2020 to hold its <insert beverage of choice here>.

Last year was unprecedented and painful, but it showed us that We the People can make our voices heard. We can overcome suppression (and oppression) from the highest echelons of this nation's government. We can come together to fight for equality, social justice, and basic human rights. All of this happened despite a pandemic raging across the globe. Pretty cool, huh?

And yesterday...well, that was 2020's last gasp, a disappointing season finale. It is not a sign of things to come.

How do we know? A quick survey of all posts by Visva users over the last year showed a significantly larger number of Good Vibes over WTF, Cringe, and Sad Vibes. Our community managed to find the good amid the bad and chose to focus on positivity.

We will never forget the year that brought us doomscrolling, Blursday, and some pretty insightful and funny tweets. At the very least, it reminded people how to wash their hands properly! However, it shouldn't define our future.

Let's look at 2021 with renewed optimism and faith in our fellow humans. This new year brings us new hope in the form of Covid vaccination rollouts and a new administration that will, hopefully, unite this country once again.

So, let's make this the year of Good Vibes!

Here at Visva HQ, we are continually working to create the best place for our community to share positive vibes and come together to make great things happen. We look forward to helping you create new shared tribe experiences online, and when it's safe to do so, IRL.

Finally, we leave you with this shiny happy video, whose vibes are the very definition of good. ✨

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Stay home, stay safe, and always be kind. See you next time! xo