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The OG Visva interns were hard at work this summer. Check out one of their very cool projects below!

As 2020 quickly evolved into the Year of the Monkey Wrench, we saw plans unravel, events canceled, and almost everything moved online. Visva became a fully remote company, and our inceptive summer internship program had to follow suit.

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The move to a virtual environment created an opportunity for the incoming group of interns, as well as the Visva team, to adapt to remote work. In the post-COVID world, this will likely remain the norm, so virtual communication and collaboration skills are crucial.

One of the projects we initially envisioned as a hands-on, IRL collaboration exercise was a DIY zine. This type of publication has been around for decades. From the early punk fanzines to slick curated works, zines are a way to capture a mood and express creativity.

Ideation - Visva style

The interns dove into some recent - and not so recent - zines for inspiration. After a few brainstorming sessions, their ideas began to coalesce in the form of a moodboard. They set out to showcase people, music, and movements they vibe with.

Some of the salient ideas from the brainstorming sessions embraced words like inclusivity, community, and representation. The initial outline for the zine included:
➢ LGBTQ+ community (pride month)
➢ Drag queens
➢ BLM protests and representation for the black community
➢ Music we like
➢ Influencers we respect
➢ The fashion industry
➢ Inclusivity in the media

Cover Model

The theme of inclusivity and representation drove the decision to enlist teenage drag queen Ÿu Phoric as the cover model. Intern Larie conducted a virtual interview with this amazing, up-and-coming performer to get an inside view of life as a teenage queer performer in 2020.

Q: How would you define drag?

A: I don't think there’s a right or wrong way to do drag, but to be it’s a gender performance. It's not about being just you, you’re a character or another part of yourself that’s pushing the boundaries of gender in performance.

Q: Do you think your experiences are any different because you are also a minority?

A: It depends, I would say yes because I am an Asian queen and there’s not too many of those. But I would say it’s a lot better than black people of color as a drag queen, because they do not get enough recognition. Asian queens get more recognition  because their drag styles are a lot more on the feminine side, and a lot of times the more feminine a queen looks, the more popular they are. However I think sometimes people don’t give credit to Asian culture when it comes to certain fashion trends.

Download the full zine below to read the entire interview with Ÿu Phoric!

@yu.phoric on instagram

The Influencers

You can’t go anywhere on social media without running into more than a few influencers. You might see them posting makeup tutorials, funny videos, or photos of food. The Visva interns were interested in influencers with a little more to offer.

Hunter Schafer is an openly transgender actress, model, and LGBTQ+ activist. In 2016, she joined a lawsuit against North Carolina’s House Bill 2, a discriminatory law forcing individuals to use bathrooms correlating to their assigned.

“What I’m trying to do in all senses is deconstruct our idea of gender, and use the privileges that come with looking like a model to bring attention to that,” she said.

She is best known for her work on the HBO hit "Euphoria" as Jules Vaughn, a 17-year-old transgender female who is new to the town in which the show takes place. She has also modeled for popular brands like Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and many more.

@hunterschafer on instagram

Check out the feature on model and activist Matt Bernstein in the full issue of The Visva Vibe below.

Music Radar

Music is one of the best ways to express a mood. The Visva interns curated a Spotify playlist of songs - new and old - that were on repeat this summer. Take a listen!

Download the Zine

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